How to care for your De Panthera jewelry:

Wire wrapped jewelry:

Most of the metal components we use in our wire wrapped pieces are gold (or silver) filled. This means the components contain 5% gold (or silver) by weight, about a hundred times thicker than gold plating. Gold-filled metal is composed of a solid layer of gold mechanically bonded to a base of either sterling silver or some base metal. You can pretty much wear your gold filled jewelry pieces like normal gold. That said, please treat your De Panthera jewelry with utmost care as the main component of your items are the gemstone crystals. Some gemstones are softer by nature and more susceptible to breakage.

Some of our metal components are sterling silver based and will tarnish with wear and humidity. Simply polish them with a silver polish cloth to get them looking brand new again.

Keep your De Panthera jewelry from getting wet. Keep them away from soaps and chemicals. You should wipe them with a soft dry cloth after every use and store them in the pouch in which they arrived.

Stretch bracelets:

Stretch bracelets should not be pulled off your hand. Roll them off instead.

Electroformed jewelry:

All our electroformed jewelry pieces are sealed with many layers of lacquer to prevent oxidation. Our rings are lacquered with additional layers as rings tend to get more wear. Try to remove your rings before washing your hands and ensure they are kept dry and clean. Some people may experience 'the green finger', when copper interacts with the body's chemicals, which is natural but completely safe. Simply wash your hands with soap to remove the stain and wipe your ring to remove any oils or sweat. Our electroformed jewelry come with a polishing cloth, which should be used only when you start noticing the copper getting darker. A gentle polish will ensure your piece is nice and bright again.