Zoom Amethyst bar necklace
Zoom Amethyst bar necklace

Amethyst bar necklace


Trendy and versatile, our amethyst bar necklace stands out with its beaded gold filled chain. Wear it alone for an elegant look or dress it up by stacking it with our coordinating necklaces. Necklace is 16 1/4″ long.

Beautiful amethyst is such a powerful and protective stone. With its high spiritual vibration, amethyst protects against psychic attack and surrounds one with love. It is a wonderful stone for meditation with its healing and cleansing powers. An excellent stone for calming the mind and focusing one’s thoughts; balancing one’s emotions. Spiritually, it enhances one’s intuition and opens up the third eye chakra. Amethyst is an excellent stone to aid peaceful sleep.

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